Carne de Calidad

At Shop-all we offer you only Chairmans Reserve Certified Premium Beef. Only USDA Prime and the Upper 2 of 3 Marbling scores within the USDA Choice Grade are chosen to represent this Top Tier Beef Brand. 

Chairman’s Reserve Certified Premium Beef uses a certification process that ensures every cut of beef meets a strict set of specific quality requirements. This includes characteristics like marbling, texture, maturity and thickness. You know…the things that make beef the king of the plate. Because we don’t believe in “good enough.” 

Chairman’s Reserve Certified Premium Beef features the highest quality cuts available so that you can expect exquisite results. If you insist on using a white tablecloth, that’s fine. But we won’t judge you if you don’t. Every cut, every bite, every time. 

We also offer Hormel Natural Choice Always Tender Pork Products for some of the most succulent Pork Products Available.

Shop-all Also Offers Smart Chicken. We feel it is the freshest, safest, and most flavorful chicken you can buy. Our Smart Chicken is air-chilled, unlike most other chickens sold in the U.S., which are chilled in water baths. In the process of being submerged in water, chickens absorb the water, which adds mass but does not add flavor. If anything, it dilutes the flavor. 

Another concern about water cooling is that the “bath” becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, thus contributing to contamination and the spread of food borne diseases. Smart Chickens are raised in a free range environment by family farmers without the use of antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. They are certified humane raised and handled. 

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